A cooperation agreement was signed between the Jordanian Center for Design and Development and ABJ which aims to provide services, training and consultancy and raise capabilities, competencies and awareness in the field of cybersecurity for employees of member banks in the Association.

The agreement was signed by the Center’s Director General, Brigadier General Eng. Ayman Al-Batran and for the Association of Banks, Chairman of the Board of Directors, His Excellency Eng. Basem Al-Salem.

According to the MOU terms, for the provision the Cyber Security Academy of the Jordan Center for Design and Development provides a number of services: training courses for bank employees, creation and development of training courses, training programs, seminars and joint workshops on cyber security.

Brigadier General Ayman Al-Batran, stressed during signing the MOU the Center’s keenness to activate real partnership with various local sector institutions due to its effective role in advancing the process of sustainable development as well as strengthening the participatory and complementary principle among national institutions to serve comprehensive national development and keeping pace with the latest developments. The signing of the agreement came from a common understanding of the local and global market needs and the importance of this technology in offering institutions and individuals the necessary protection tools from cyber-attacks. Furthermore, cyber security must be focused on due to the continuous changes in the information and communication technology sector.

The Director of the Cyber ​​Security Academy of the Center, Engineer Bakr Al-Abadi, said that the academy is one of the Center’s projects in cooperation with the British company PGI which offers advanced technical programs designed to build local competencies in the field of cyber security. sectors to raise their technical and leadership readiness to perform specialized roles and tasks in cybersecurity. The academy helps Jordan protect its economy and security from cybersecurity threats, and the center provides special services to Central Bank employees in courses and academic training programs through holding specialized courses and lectures Provided by experts and specialists in this field.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Banks in Jordan, His Excellency Eng. Basem Khalil Al-Salem, stressed the importance of this agreement due to its role in supporting efforts aimed at providing infrastructure and the legislative environment related to cybersecurity in banks, improving staff and enabling banks and institutions to develop rules, Important data and systems to protect them in addition to reviewing the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity.

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