In line with its commitment to supporting financial sustainability and green finance in the banking sector, the Association of Banks has launched its report titled “The Path towards Sustainability.” This report aims to document and review the most significant achievements and activities of the association in the field of sustainability and green finance during the year 2023.

Dr. Maher Mahrouq, the Director General of the Association of Banks in Jordan, highlighted that in 2023, the association undertook numerous activities related to developing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards and enhancing green finance tools in the banking sector. He also emphasized the association’s efforts, through the Green Finance Committee launched in 2023, to enhance connectivity and effective communication between the banking sector and various stakeholders, particularly the Central Bank of Jordan, regarding green finance frameworks, in light of the Central Bank’s launch of the Green Finance Strategy. Additionally, Al-Mahrouq noted that the association succeeded in developing a series of training programs related to green finance by training members of the Green Finance Committee and building their capacities as trainers, resulting in the training of over 220 participants in one of the training courses. Furthermore, he highlighted the committee’s role in promoting and raising awareness about green finance in the banking sector.

The report also outlines the association’s key activities in the green finance domain, including the Green Finance Forum, the first edition of which was held in mid-2023. It also provides insights into the association’s engagement with local, regional, and international partners through various meetings, seminars, conferences, and capacity-building initiatives.

Al-Mahrouq reiterated that the association will continue to strive within its framework to provide everything that contributes to enhancing the banking sector’s orientation towards unlocking the potential for transitioning the national economy towards a green economy.

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