The Association of Banks hosted on Tuesday, April 17, 2024, a delegation of Palestinian entrepreneurs as part of a training course organized by the Arab Institute for Planning for them in Amman during the current period. The hosting comes within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Association and the Arab Institute for Planning in aspects of training and capacity building.

The visit included the delegation’s acquaintance with the role of the Association of Banks in capacity building in the banking sector and its role in representing the sector and contributing to enhancing policies related to financing small and medium-sized projects.

The delegation was received by Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, the Director-General of the Association of Banks, who emphasized during the reception the importance of cooperation with all parties to enhance the capacities of Arab youth and build the financial capacities of entrepreneurs, including enhancing joint Arab programs that contribute to unifying efforts in this aspect. Dr. Al-Mahrouq also emphasized that capacity building for entrepreneurs, especially in the financial aspect, is one of the most important fundamentals that enhance the opportunities for the development and sustainability of projects, especially in their early stages.

Dr. Ihab conducted an interview with the head of the delegation and the director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Center at the Institute, thanking the Association for receiving the delegation and its continuous support for all means of joint cooperation. Dr. Ihab also discussed the experience of the Jordanian banking sector in financing entrepreneurial projects, indicating the role of the Association and its pioneering experience in the field of joint cooperation with the Institute, in addition to its successful experience in supporting financial policies for small and medium-sized projects in general.

During the visit, the entrepreneurs were briefed on the role of the Association, the halls, and the training programs provided by the Association to the banking sector, in addition to holding a workshop for the delegation on the financial forecasts and financial performance, as it plays a key role in preparing feasibility studies and the beginning of the project’s life.
At the end of the visit, the attendees from the entrepreneurs reviewed their satisfaction with this visit, appreciating the efforts of the Association and its staff, and several participants spoke about the importance of supporting entrepreneurial youth and benefiting from available energies.

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