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What is the Association of Banks?
The Association of Banks is a professional association whose membership includes licensed banks operating in Jordan, in order to undertake the task of coordination between these institutions, and upgrade banks' performance services, act as a link between them and the monetary, financial and other governmental authorities and defends the interests of its members.
What are the Association's targets and purpose of establishment?
The Association aims to upgrade and promote the banking services through the following:
- Take care of interests of the members and coordinates among themselves for their common benefits.
- Develop the methods of banking services and modernizes it.
Consolidate the concept of banking work and customs, and adopting a unified systems and procedures for this purpose.
Does the Association of Banks works as a syndicate for the banks?
No, the Association of Banks does not work as a syndicate for the operating banks in Jordan, as it takes care of banks interests and coordinates among them to achieve their common benefits. The syndicate is usually for employees and workers and this does not apply to the Association because the Association of Banks is an Association for institutions and not for employees in banks.
Does the Association of Banks have a supervisory authority on member banks?
No, the Association of Banks does not have a supervisory authority on member banks, this specialty is for the Central Bank of Jordan.
Is the Association of Banks a syndicate for banks' employees?
No, it's only related to the banks and coordinated their works and has nothing to do with banks' employees.
Who are the member banks of the Association?
All licensed banks operating in Jordan whether it was Jordanian banks or branches of non Jordanian banks that work in Jordan.
Are branches of non Jordanian banks operating in Jordan members of the Association?
Yes, the branches of non Jordanian banks operating in Jordan are members of the Association.
Is the membership of the Association mandatory?
The membership of the Association of Banks is mandatory for all Jordanian banks and branches of non Jordanian banks operating in Jordan according to the Association's Law No. (35) for 2005.
What is JODIBOR?
JODIBOR is interbank offered rates lending between banks in Jordanian Dinar, was adopted for short terms to form a quantum leap and very important step to develop the monetary market in Jordanian Dinar. This bench mark was created on November 2005 resulting from the joint cooperation between the Association and all member banks with the support and cooperation from the Central Bank of Jordan.
What is the relationship between the Association of Banks and the Central Bank of Jordan?
The relationship between the Association of Banks and the Central Bank of Jordan is represented in the cooperation between the two parties to achieve the objectives of the monetary policy, exchange views of various banking issues, submission of proposals by the Association to develop banking legislations and economic issues, in addition, the Central Bank has an observer member in the Board of Directors of the Association.
What is the relationship between the Association of Banks and the Union of Arab Banks?
The Association of Banks is a member of the Union.
What are the most prominent publications issued by the Association of Banks?
The association issues several monthly, quarterly and annual publications, the most important of which are:

Annual Report: It is a report that contains an overview of the most important international and Jordanian economic developments in addition to the most prominent monetary and banking developments. The report also includes the most important activities of the association during the relevant year.

The most prominent banking developments: a report that contains a summary of the most important Jordanian banking developments, and the banking spread of banks operating in the Kingdom. It also deals with the most important indicators of banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange and examines the structure of interest rates in Jordan. It analyzes the comparative performance of banks operating in Jordan and reviews the most important new banking services that banks operating in Jordan have introduced in addition to reviewing some human resources indicators in banks.

Society brochures: Since 2010, the Society has started preparing a series of short and useful studies to clarify the facts related to banking work and to answer inquiries and opinions on various issues related to the Jordanian banking sector under the name of the Society’s brochures.

Banks Magazine: It is a monthly magazine issued by the association and is concerned with local, regional and global banking and economic issues and covers the activities of member banks to be a source of useful and reliable information that aims to serve and develop the Jordanian banking sector in addition to many other important studies, including a study of the development of the banking sector and a survey study about SMEs in Jordan, the guide for banks operating in Jordan, the sustainability report in the banking sector, the guide to banking services, products and solutions for banks operating in Jordan, the study of disclosure of social responsibility and other studies that provide data and information to decision makers in member banks and the public of researchers and interested people from various parties in Jordan.
Does the Association have any branches abroad?
No, the Association has no branches outside the Kingdom.
Does the Association have a role in determining interest rates in the Jordanian market?
The Association has no role in determining interest rates, as the debited and credited interest rates are floated, and are determined according to demand and supply factors in the market.
What are the major activities undertaken by the Association at the level of training courses, workshops, courses, meetings and seminars?
The Association of Banks to convene educational seminars, training courses, workshops, meetings and seminars relating to banking and economic issues based on the initiatives of the Association or by demand of member banks.
Does the Association have a direct relationship with the public?
No, there is no direct relationship between the Association and the public.
Does the access to the previous and old issues of the "Magazine of Banks" require subscription?
There is no need to subscribe to the electronic numbers issued by the magazine as they are available on the site
If my name is listed on the black list, what's the way to remove it?
1- The client should visit the bank who rejected his check(s) being without sufficient balance, and ask the bank to address a letter to the Association includes the lifting of his name from the black list.

2- Visit the Association, or make an inquiry by the phone to provide him with the bank's name who demanded his name to be circulated, to enable the client to obtain a letter from this bank in order to remove his name from the list.
How is the Board of Directors elected?
The Board is managed by the Board and oversees its affairs. It consists of nine members who are elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years. The President of the Council shall be elected in his personal capacity to be Chairman of the Council and the General Assembly. The Central Bank of Jordan shall be represented on the Board of Directors as an observer
What is the ِABJ working hours?
It starts at the ِABJ during the week from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 3:30 pm.

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