Al-Khasawneh: The banking sector and banks deserve praise for this initiative, where every penny is spent in the right place within the framework of social responsibility.

Al-Khasawneh: Those who do not prioritize Jordan in their agenda will not prioritize Arab issues, foremost among them the Palestinian cause. And those who do not uphold and strengthen national unity will not prioritize Jordan.

Al-Khasawneh: We trust the awareness of the sons and daughters of Jordan towards those who attempt to divert the compass towards factional and partisan agendas. Our solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters is guided by their legitimate rights and interests.


This evening, Tuesday, Prime Minister Dr. Bisher Al-Khasawneh sponsored the launch of the second edition of the initiative launched by the Association of Banks in Jordan to support the efforts of the Ministry of Social Development, within the framework of its social responsibility, and in a manner that contributes to empowering the ministry to expand its services to needy segments of society.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the banking sector and all banks in Jordan deserve thanks and praise for this initiative, where every penny is spent in the right place within the framework of social responsibility and in response to urgent societal needs.

Al-Khasawneh pointed out that this important initiative has led to sustainable impact and has contributed to supporting the needs of rehabilitation or specific expansions needed by many facilities for the most needy groups in society.

He reaffirmed that the banking sector in Jordan is a national sector that plays fundamental and vital economic roles and has been at the forefront of supporting and enhancing investment through the establishment of an investment fund that fully aligns with the economic modernization vision launched by the kingdom, and with the comprehensive modernization program sponsored and launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II in its three political, economic, and administrative tracks.

Al-Khasawneh stressed that the economic modernization vision focuses on the investment field where banks play a fundamental role by directly engaging in investments and providing financing through creating financial windows for small and medium enterprises, which constitute essential drivers of the national economy.

He said, “We salute the banking sector and banks in Jordan for these economic roles and their alignment with the journey of the Jordanian state in its first centenary, and we have confidence and belief that the second centenary will be accompanied by achieving the targets that befit our nation, citizens, and the aspirations of His Majesty King Abdullah II.”

He emphasized that the basis of our movement and strength lies in the partnership between the public and private sectors and between the state and the citizen, and this Jordanian whole, mixed from various origins and roots.

He added, “We are proud to always have been, as a king, government, institutions, and citizens, alongside our just Arab causes, emphasizing that no one can challenge Jordan’s positions led by His Majesty the King and his support for various just Arab causes, foremost among them the Palestinian cause.”

Al-Khasawneh affirmed that Jordan’s honorable positions, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II, towards the Palestinian cause, have been steadfast and deeply rooted since its inception, and will not end until the establishment of the independent, sovereign, and viable Palestinian state along the lines of June 4, 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem, and addressing various essential issues that meet the vital interests of Jordan associated with it.

He also emphasized the historical leading role played by His Majesty King Abdullah II, with all honesty, responsibility, honor, and power, as the custodian of the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister said, “We feel this pain, and Jordanian blood has mixed with the blood of our Palestinian brothers on Palestinian soil in various locations. Jordan’s support and backing for our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza and in all of Palestine has been steadfast and rooted since the inception of the Palestinian cause, which we consider a Jordanian cause, emphasizing that Jordan will continue to provide assistance and support to our Palestinian brothers to reclaim their inherent rights and to fulfill our leading roles in defending our just causes, foremost among them the Palestinian cause.”

He added that in order to continue fulfilling these leading roles towards our just causes, Jordan must be strong, resilient, and sovereign, as it has always been and will always remain, emphasizing that “there is a constant challenge to the awareness of the sons and daughters of Jordan and their high national spirit not to deviate the compass of solidarity and support for our just causes towards imposing considerations unrelated to supporting the entire Palestinian cause but rather related to factional and partisan agendas that do not serve the Palestinian cause, confirming that what governs us in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and their just cause is the interest of all Palestinians, the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian cause, and nothing else governs us.”

Al-Khasawneh stressed that those who do not prioritize Jordan in their agenda will not prioritize Arab issues, foremost among them the Palestinian cause, and those who do not uphold and strengthen national unity will not prioritize Jordan.

He added, “Those whose concern and behavior are not primarily about Jordan cannot find in their list of priorities any Arab or Palestinian issue, Gaza, Jerusalem, or Palestine. Similarly, those who do not deal with national unity as sacred cannot have Jordan first in their conscience or their agenda.”

He emphasized that there is no contradiction between restoring the course of normal life in Jordan to address our challenges and move our economy forward, and between our continuous support and backing for our people and our Palestinian brothers and sisters and for various just causes, emphasizing that a strong and resilient Jordan, where the course of life is natural, away from resonant, hollow, and harmful slogans related to halting the course of life in the kingdom and harming its economy and social structure, and attempting to invoke factional problems and external agendas into the Jordanian arena, produces atmospheres that lead to states of weakness, which, God willing, will be difficult for anyone trying to invoke them to prevent us from rising to our national duty towards our just causes and our necessary and required internal renaissance to remain capable of supporting and backing our brothers.

The Prime Minister renewed his thanks to the Association of Banks in Jordan and to the chairpersons of banks’ boards of directors and their CEOs for organizing this initiative, during which the achievements of the past year were reviewed, and to embark on a new chapter of this support, which is directed and spent in every part of it on various forms of goodness that benefit and support many of the needy in our homeland.Top of Form

He pointed out that the Jordanian banking sector is supportive and fully responsive to any demand, need, or important national challenge, as well as to playing a social role. This is the duty of the private sector with all its commercial, industrial, service, and tourism components. All of them have played complementary and participatory roles during periods of numerous challenges, laying the foundations for us to enter our second century to achieve targets befitting our people and the vision envisioned by His Majesty King Abdullah II for our small yet great country, with its potential, ambitions, people, national unity, and capacities that must always be preserved.

The Prime Minister began his speech with a prayer to the Almighty as we are living in the last ten days of the blessed month of Ramadan, asking for its return to our homeland, leadership, and the Arab and Islamic nation with goodness, and for the imminent relief of the suffering of our people in Gaza, “who are subjected to despicable crimes perpetrated by the Israeli killing machine, which the contemporary history has not witnessed anything like in terms of its cruelty, brutality, and barbarism.”

Minister of Social Development, Wafa Bani Mustafa, expressed gratitude to the Jordanian banks for their generous support provided to the ministry within its social responsibility framework for the second consecutive year, and to the Central Bank of Jordan for its contribution to this effort. She affirmed that this support will be allocated to all the categories served by the ministry, and that the ministry will provide a report on the expenditure aspects of this initiative.

She said that the ministry is working to review the national social protection strategy directed by His Majesty King Abdullah II for the purpose of updating, developing, and integrating it with the economic and administrative reform vision, and improving the spending process.

She mentioned that the ministry has completed the new Social Development Law, which was published in the Official Gazette on March 24 last year, which aims to consolidate the principles of social responsibility.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan, Dr. Adel Sharkas, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the presence of the Prime Minister and members of the economic team, confirming the government’s support for the banking sector and its appreciation for its role in driving development forward.

Dr. Sharkas praised the independence enjoyed by the Central Bank of Jordan, noting that it is the cornerstone in maintaining the bank’s credibility and achieving its goals.

He also highlighted the economic successes achieved by Jordan, such as the decline in the inflation rate and the increase in the economic growth rate, in addition to the improvement of national economic indicators, foreign direct investment, and foreign reserves, which reached $18.6 billion by the end of last March.

The Central Bank Governor praised the important social contributions of banks in various sectors and affirmed the banking sector’s continuous commitment to supporting national priorities and having a positive impact on society.

Sharkas also mentioned the generous response of banks during the COVID-19 pandemic and the donations made for royal initiatives, as well as the importance of forming a committee for social responsibility and sustainability.

For his part, the President of the Association of Banks, Bassem Khalil Al-Salem, announced the launch of a new social banking initiative aimed at supporting and expanding the services of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development.

He praised the role of the Ministry of Social Development in implementing initiatives effectively, confirming the significant impact of the initiative launched last year, which was reviewed through a video during the event.

Al-Salem expressed the enthusiasm and willingness of the banking sector to continue cooperating with the Ministry of Social Development to provide better services to the people, affirming that launching this initiative is the result of collective effort and consensus among all banks in Jordan.

He expressed his gratitude to all banks for their rapid response and enthusiasm in implementing this initiative as part of their social responsibility.

Al-Salem addressed the unusual circumstances facing the region due to the brutal aggression launched by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip, committing heinous acts of genocide against innocent people using bullets, bombs, and starvation. He praised Jordan’s firm stance led by His Majesty the King regarding the events and the unprecedented diplomatic and media efforts to stop the aggression and provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Al-Salem affirmed that Jordan’s official position reflects the sincere feelings of Jordanians, whose hearts are filled with pride and pride in their country and their leader, who stood on every podium presenting a dignified, moral humanitarian plea that touched the conscience of Jordanians and free people around the world.

As usual, respecting the right of citizens to express their opinions, Jordan provided space for its citizens to express the feelings of simmering anger in their hearts, as they came out in civilized protests condemning the aggression. The security agencies were present, fulfilling their role with professionalism and proficiency in protecting the demonstrators and maintaining the security of the nation and its citizens. The irresponsible practices and excesses witnessed by some in recent days are practices rejected by Jordanians, who have always been closest to the issues of their nation while simultaneously ensuring the security and stability of their homeland.

Director-General of the Association of Banks, Dr. Maher Mahrouq, announced the launch of a new initiative that confirms the commitment of the banking sector in Jordan to its social responsibility and its leading role in supporting national initiatives.

Dr. Mahrouq emphasized the significant importance of the social and economic role played by banks in Jordan. According to him, the Jordanian banking sector, whose assets equal twice the gross domestic product, is one of the main sectors in achieving financial stability and economic growth in the country.

He said that this new initiative aims to enhance this role and open the door for other sectors to participate in the responsibility of good citizenship and social responsibility.

He stated that the initiative highlights the banks’ commitment to supporting various projects that contribute to social development and providing care for needy groups, with banks spending about 30 million dinars on social responsibility in recent years, and around 10 million dollars this year in partnership with the Hashemite Charitable Organization to support efforts to assist our brothers in Gaza.

He affirmed that this new initiative reflects the banking sector’s commitment to supporting social and economic development in Jordan, emphasizing the importance of social solidarity and partnership between the public and private sectors in achieving sustainable development.

At the end of the meeting, the President of the Association of Banks handed over a support check worth one million dinars to the Minister of Social Development.

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