Dr. Mohammed Saleh Tarawneh, Director General of the Social Security Corporation (SSC), and Dr. Maher Al Mahrouq, Director General of the Association of Banks in Jordan (ABJ), discussed ways to strengthen relations and cooperation between the SSC and Jordanian banks.

During the meeting, which brought together a number of representatives of Jordanian banks and Social Security, Tarawneh discussed a number of proposals from both parties, the most prominent of which were discussing is the mechanisms of work and cooperation with the banks , strengthening the strategic relations between them  and the possibility of automated linkage with the banks, in addition to the mechanism for updating the data of retirees and beneficiaries for the purposes of transferring pensions with high reliability, and other matters related to the disbursement of pensions. Also, the need to name an original and alternative contact officer in each of the banks that partner with the guarantee institution.

Tarawneh assured that integration and cooperation between the public and private sectors represents a common interest and is an important pillar to achieve the ambitions of Jordan and consolidate its position as an advanced model that provides the appropriate climate and supportive investment environment  to promote economic growth and sustainable development, pointing out that the economic modernization vision launched by His Majesty the King Abdullah , which extends from 2022 to 2033, focuses on the private sector and emphasizes the importance of promoting partnerships between the public and private sectors because no business sector can succeed in isolation from the other sector, which reflects on the quality of outputs.

During the meeting, Tarawneh listened to the banks’ remarks related to the advances granted by the Corporation to retirees and the installment program for retirees, with the aim of maintaining the debt burden for retirees and the data shared between the banks, stressing on the depth of the strong strategic relationship between the social security  Corporation and the Association of Banks in order to enhance integration and cooperation between the public and private sectors and represent a common interest between the two parties to provide the best services to retirees.

The Director General of the Association of Banks, Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, explained the importance of banks’ cooperation with the Social Security corporation  as a national institution that cares for a large segment of insured and retired people and provides social protection for them in line with the royal vision that this matter should be an essential part of the economic and administrative modernization paths as a national priority to ensure better protection for the most affected parties by the economic conditions.

Resulting of this meeting, agreements will be concluded with banks to achieve mutual cooperation and ensure the implementation of common interests to facilitate procedures for customers of both parties.

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