H.E Bassem Khalil Al-Salem

Chairman of Board of Directors

The Association of Banks in Jordan is the home of banks operating in Jordan, and it is a pioneering institution that brings together banking sector entities to enhance cooperation, elevate coordination levels, and develop the banking sector in the Kingdom. The association was established in 1978 and became an institution under the Banks Law No. (28) of 2000, which stipulated in Article (95) the establishment of an association called the Association of Banks. According to this law, the Banks Association Regulation No. (35) of 2005 was issued on 29/3/2006.

The association aims to enhance the banking sector’s work and uplift it in a manner that strengthens its role in the Jordanian economy by nurturing the interests of member banks, coordinating between them to achieve their common interests, ensuring continuous coordination between banks and all other partners. Additionally, the association seeks to develop banking service performance methods, update them, establish banking work concepts and practices, and adopt unified systems and procedures.

Within this framework, the association provides various services, including consultancy services for member banks, discussing common topics related to various banking aspects and finding suitable solutions, exchanging experiences related to banking work, conducting training events related to banking and economic issues, gathering information related to banking work, preparing studies and research in this regard, and disseminating them to members, as well as issuing periodic publications related to various banking activities.

The association also works diligently to enhance cooperation between the banking sector and public and private sector institutions in the Kingdom, and it seeks to establish cooperative relationships with Arab and international banking associations and organizations, in addition to its role in concluding collective agreements between banks and various relevant entities.

The association is keen on enhancing channels of communication, coordination, and cooperation with the Central Bank of Jordan to serve the achievement of monetary policy objectives, facilitate the exchange of views on various banking issues, and provide suggestions for developing banking and economic legislations.

Throughout its prestigious history, the association has played an active role in serving the banking sector, unifying and bringing closer the viewpoints of banks on various topics and issues, encouraging innovation and development in banking work to keep pace with global developments in this field. Additionally, the association contributes to enhancing financial awareness and education, supporting and promoting various economic initiatives, strengthening the focus on sustainability, and adopting emerging concepts in green finance, all of which contribute to developing banking work and supporting its role and efforts in achieving comprehensive and sustainable economic development in the Kingdom.

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