The ABJ, in cooperation with Kalitek, held on Tuesday, 15 Oct. 2019, a workshop on Program of Measuring and Improving Software Quality by Using International Software Quality Programs.

The workshop, which was held at the ABJ headquarters, aimed to meet banks’ needs to achieve strategic goals and raise the quality of the software they have in place.

Attendees were briefed on the technological developments in this field, in terms of performance, security and increased capacity of programmers and developers in this kind of software.

Speakers at the workshop included:

  • Mr. Jamal Qaffaf, Chairman of Board of Directors of Knowledge Beam Information Systems;
  • From CAST, Mr. Cihan Ersalan, from Kalitek Dubai;
  • Mr. Marwan Bataineh, Trust Insurance Co; and,
  • Mr. Raad Malkawi, ICS Financial Systems.

The workshop witnessed an extensive discussion on the program’s applications to examine, develop and protect the software used in banks, and information security. It also focused on the leading role that banks and local and international companies play in this respect. Mr. Bataineh and Mr. Malkawi explained the benefits of using CAST program, which can be summarized by the easiness of usage, the speedy results and contribution to improve the performance of programmers and developers’ team. They also praised the role of  Knowledge Beam, represented by CAST, in providing the technical support to this product.

More than 40 IT directors and IT security directors in member Jordanian banks took part in the workshop. They lauded the leading role of the company in promoting the programs of security and protection, which save cost and time necessary to develop programs, and their ability to be modified in a short time to meet the market’s needs, and to fend off hackers and international attacks.

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