The ABJ and the Judicial Institute of Jordan (JIJ) signed on 20 June 2019 at the latter’s headquarters a memorandum of understanding on specialized training of judges in banking issues.

JIJ’s General Director Judge Ihsan Barakat and ABJ General Director Dr. Adli Kandah signed the MOU on behalf of their institutions.

According to the MOU, the ABJ would provide experienced local and international trainers in banking.

“Signing the MOU aims to provide judges with specialized training and knowledge of the latest banking processes and developments to facilitate litigation procedures and expedite decision taking in seen lawsuits,” Judge Barakat said.

The expertise that the ABJ has in the field of banking consultancies and experience and its ability to offer bank experts made the JIJ opt for the association as a house of expertise to increase the knowledge of judges working in specialized economic litigation, and to be more informed in the latest developments in banking disputes and cases, she added.

On his part, Dr. Kandah said the MOU is part of a long history of cooperation between the ABJ and the JIJ in the field of training judges and their assistants on banking issues. Such training give those concerned the necessary knowledge to expedite taking decisions in lawsuits relevant to banking.

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