ABJ signed MoU with INJAZ as part of their joint efforts to enhance financial inclusion, financial culture, entrepreneurship skills and expand the impact of financial culture on society members.

The two parties seek through the MoU to develop educational awareness content in the financial fields through ABJ website aiming at increasing community members awareness, bank customers, microfinance companies, male and female entrepreneurs and founders of startups with the concepts of financial culture as well as introducing them to banks types and microfinance institutions and the offered financial services and products. This would contribute to achieving the National Financial Inclusion Strategy goals.

The agreement was signed by ABJ Director General Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, and Dima Al-Bibi CEO of INJAZ.

Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, stressed the MoU importance in supporting Jordanian youth to become active players in society. He pointed out that ABJ strategic plan aims, in one of its axes, to enhance financial and banking awareness to achieve the goals of the financial inclusion strategy. He added that educating women, youth, companies and entrepreneurs about financial concepts contributes to raising the rate of financial inclusion in the Kingdom. Dr. Al-Mahrouq indicated that the selection of INJAZ for the project implementation was based on an in-depth study in light of the great experience that the foundation enjoys in the field of financial culture. He said, “We hope that this project will help provide accurate and correct financial information, spread financial awareness and increase financial culture in a way that supports people’s ability to manage their financial affairs and choose the most appropriate financial products in addition to the hoped-for role in strengthening the capabilities of individuals and companies to make rational financial decisions”.

Dima Al-Bibi confirmed that the partnership will contribute to spreading financial awareness among individuals and societies of all age groups indicating that “INJAZ”, through its various programs and partnerships, has worked on designing and developing a set of programs and curricula related to financial education. This MoU would deepen the impact of financial awareness programs in schools and universities and expand them to reach new target groups to achieve the goals of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy.

Al-Bibi added that INJAZ also aims to support the MySTARTUP business incubator programs by introducing entrepreneurs and founders of startups to the most important financial services and products provided by the financial sector in Jordan and how to benefit them to develop and support the business of their startups.

It is noteworthy that the signing of this memorandum comes as part of the agreement concluded between ABJ and the International Labor Organization which aims to support women’s financial flexibility and empower them through leadership, education and financial inclusion.

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