The Crown Prince Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with ABJ at the headquarters of the Crown Prince Foundation. The memorandum was signed on behalf of the Crown Prince Foundation by Dr. Tamam Mango, the Executive Director of the Foundation, and by Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, the Director General of ABJ.

The memorandum aims to collaborate in spreading financial literacy among Jordanian youth and enhancing financial knowledge and concepts among community segments through outreach to local communities via the offices and staff of the Foundation in the field.

Dr. Tamam Mango expressed her delight with the partnership with ABJ, stating, “Through our various work partnerships, we are keen to provide exceptional opportunities for young men and women, enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.” She emphasized the importance of enhancing financial literacy among youth as a national priority for work readiness and entrepreneurship, which intersects significantly with various developmental sectors. Dr. Mango said they would implement specialized awareness projects providing unique developmental opportunities for youth, tailored to their needs.

From his side, Dr. Al-Mahrouq stated that the signing of the memorandum comes within the framework of the association’s commitment to building partnerships with distinguished national institutions. This collaboration aligns with and supports the achievement of the association’s goals, which have both a national and social dimension.

Al-Mahrouq also stated that despite the various possible areas for cooperation with the Crown Prince Foundation, the primary focus currently is on enhancing and spreading financial and banking literacy. The objective is to build a financially literate generation capable of managing their financial affairs correctly and scientifically. This initiative aims to empower the youth in achieving their goals and aspirations, highlighting the importance of financial education as a key tool for personal and professional development.

Al-Mahrouq also mentioned that the association is currently working on launching a special platform for financial awareness targeting Jordanian youth of both genders across all age groups. The platform will cover a wide range of financial, banking, entrepreneurship, SMEs, and start-up topics, including content aimed at developing financial literacy among women.

“We look forward to establishing a real and distinctive partnership with the Crown Prince Foundation, especially in light of the Foundation’s significant and distinguished efforts in empowering and supporting Jordanian youth in various fields,” Al-Mahrouq said. He expressed hope that the initiatives undertaken by the association and the Crown Prince Foundation will achieve their goals and ensure a better future for Jordanian youth.

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