ABJ, in partnership with the Digital Platform Company for Entrepreneurship Development (EntreViable), held an awareness session on Tuesday, 25/07/2023, about the use of artificial intelligence applications in the banking sector.

Dr. Maher Mahrouq, Director General of ABJ, opened the workshop with a welcoming speech to the attendees from the banking sector. In his speech, he discussed the importance of artificial intelligence and its role in changing the shape of the future as we know it, due to the significant acceleration in this field.

Al-Mahrouq highlighted that one of the most significant impacts of this acceleration is the transformation in the nature and types of future jobs. He referred to several reports indicating that most traditional jobs are likely to become obsolete in the near future. Additionally, new technology-related jobs will emerge that are currently difficult to describe or comprehend by those currently employed in the labor market.

The awareness workshop was presented by Dr. Maen Al-Qatamin, the CEO of the Digital Platform Company for Entrepreneurship Development (EntreViable). He addressed the mechanisms of employing artificial intelligence in the banking sector, including Chat-GPT, and the ways to benefit from it in accomplishing various daily activities and tasks. He emphasized how these AI tools contribute to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the banking sector.

Dr. Al-Qatamin also highlighted the banking areas where Chat-GPT and artificial intelligence tools can be used. These include customer engagement and providing financial recommendations, facilitating the task of analyzing financial data and statements, and managing customer accounts. He also mentioned their use in reducing fraud, developing banking policies for dealing with financial instruments like credit, and managing compliance procedures. Additionally, he discussed their application in support departments like marketing and sales.

On another note, Dr. Al-Qatamin pointed out that artificial intelligence and the new tools we are witnessing are still in their early stages and are capable of rapid development. This will be reflected in the development of human skills necessary for properly handling these technologies, leading to the emergence of new professions and job roles that do not currently exist.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants discussed the connection between artificial intelligence tools and cybersecurity risks, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding information and its confidentiality. They stressed the need to establish a framework for dealing with these tools, especially linking the ethics of using artificial intelligence with the ethics of banking. The attendees thanked Dr. Al-Qatamin for the valuable information he provided and expressed gratitude to the association for organizing such workshops that help keep the sector abreast of rapid technological changes. It is noteworthy that the attendees participating in the workshop were diverse, representing various vital departments and sections in banks, including human resources, information technology, digital transformation, and research and development.

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