The General Assembly of the Association of Banks in Jordan (ABJ) held last Tuesday its first annual meeting via the virtual ZOOM video conferencing, where it elected HE Bassem Al-Salem as the new ABJ Chairman and Ammar Safadi as the vice chairman.

The new ABJ chairman congratulated all new board members for the General Assembly’s placed confidence in them, as it elected them new board members for the next session of 2021-2024. He further thanked board members for electing him a chairman.

Al-Salem extended appreciation and thanks to the former ABJ Chairman Hani Al-Qadhi and board members of 2018-2021 session, saying their distinguished performance and big efforts were remarkable in serving the banking sector and national economy, especially under the difficult circumstances of Covid-19 pandemic. He further expressed great gratitude for the huge role that the former board played in improving the image of the banking sector.

Al-Salem also extended thanks to the ABJ General Director, Dr. Maher Mahrouq, and all member banks for their efforts, continued efforts and cooperation and complete coordination with their Association.

The ABJ Chairman said the new board will continue the process of building up on the great achievements of the former board. “We will work relentlessly to achieve the ABJ’s basic goals of fostering member banks’ interests, coordinate banks’ efforts to achieve their common interests, develop and update means of delivering banking services, enhancing  the concepts and traditions of banking and adopting unified systems and procedures for this sake,” Al-Salem said.

The ABJ General Assembly held its ordinary annual meeting on Tuesday, 30  March 2021, where it agreed on the new board members. Nine banks were nominated and chosen  unanimously: The Arab Bank, The Housing Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank, Bank al Etihad, Jordan Kuwait Bank, Bank of Jordan, Capital Bank, Jordan Commercial Bank, and Egyptian Arab Land Bank.

The General assembly took note of the previous general assembly meeting and endorsed it. The assembly further approved the Board of Directors’ report on the ABJ progress of work of 2020, the ABJ’s general budget’s financial statements of the fiscal year 2020, the external auditor’s report and approved the ABJ budget of 2021.

Former Board Chairman Al-Qadhi thanked the General Assembly members for their attendance and active participation. He further thanked former board members for their great cooperation and efforts during their membership.

Al-Qadhi congratulated the new board members, wishing them success and good luck in serving the banking sector and representing the interests of member banks.

Al-Qadhi also thanked the ABJ General Director Dr. Maher Mahrouq and ABJ staff for their distinguished performance and efforts in performing their duties.

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