ABJ Director General Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, said that banks have been proactive in adopting and communicating technology services and the process of facilitating customers digital financial services.

Al-Mahrouq added that Jordanian banks work according to two main goals: providing secure financial services and developing investment in this important part noting that the second goal is related to competitiveness in addition to providing competitive digital financial services that contribute to gaining customers’ trust within attractive banking services.

In the context of the increase in the percentage of financial inclusion and its development, he indicated that financial inclusion operations in 2020 rose to more than 50% of the adult rate noting that the number of financial portfolios exceeded one million and 150 thousand.

Al-Mahrouq said that the electronic payment services through the payment system (e-FAWATEERcom) recorded an increase in the value of the bills paid electronically to reach about (5.5) billion Dinars during the first nine months of this year.

He pointed to the (contactless) services system in the card’s contactless payment operations explaining that this system enables the customer to pay through payment devices without physical contact between the card and the available payment devices as soon as the card approaches the devices without the need to use special password.

Al-Mahrouq said that digital economy is a strategic goal and an urgent option to reach a flexible, comprehensive and fully digital economy pointing to the strength of technological capabilities in facilitating and improving the performance of economic operations in all sectors.

He pointed out that digital economy importance emerges more clearly in light of the profound challenges imposed by the Corona pandemic noting to Jordan’s commitment to international and local recommendations regarding social distancing, flexible work and simplifying procedures for citizens.

He saw in increasing financial inclusion a necessity in strengthening digital financial infrastructure towards a fully digital Jordanian economy pointing to the role of financial and digital services in achieving a rapid economic recovery.

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