ABJ and MEU signed a cooperation agreement aiming at consolidating and framing the desired cooperation between the two parties to serve the banking sector and the university.

The agreement strengthens the points of connection between the banking and academic sectors by providing the banking sector with a qualified youth workforce in addition to improving scientific research outputs through joint studies and research.

MEU president, Prof. Dr. Salam Al-Mahadin, and ABJ Director General Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq signed the memorandum in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Prof. Dr. Hisham Abu Saima, his deputy, Dr. Muhammad Othman, the head of the Business Department, Prof. Abdel Aziz Al-Sharbaty and the head of the Financial and Accounting Sciences Department, Dr. Ahmed Marei in addition to ABJ Director of Studies and Research Department, Mr. Fadi Masharawi and the Director of Policies, Mr. Hisham Al-Shatrat.

The agreement stipulates cooperation between the two sides in joint preparation and publish of studies and research besides their participation in the activities and events held by both parties. ABJ and MEU agreed upon cooperation in developing academic courses and programs related to the banking sector and offered by the university to improve compatibility between the outputs of the academic sector and the needs of the banking labor market.

In this regard, President, Dr. Al-Mahadin, indicated the importance of the memorandum in cooperation with the banking sector to provide students with a package of innovative solutions, such as advanced risk management strategies, financial technological progress and sustainable banking practices. It provides students with the opportunity to benefit from career guidance and potential employment opportunities while faculty members can forge fruitful research partnerships and advisory projects.

Dr. Al-Mahrouq praised the importance of enhancing communication between the economic and academic sectors in general due to the fundamental imbalances that the labor market is witnessing between the requirements of the labor market and the outputs of the academic sector. He also stressed that the two sectors are working continuously to maintain the close relationship between them in terms of reviewing academic programs and their connection to the need of the banking sector in the field of modern financial technologies, such as digital banks and blockchain which is a nucleus for joint studies and research.

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