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ABJ and Al-Dustour Center for Economic Studies signed a “partnership agreement” on Wednesday at ABJ headquarters. The agreement aims at building cooperation in the field of economic studies highlighting the Jordanian banking sector’s and supporting it with accurate research information.

The agreement stems from the great role played by the banking sector and its main contribution to the national economy growth. Moreover, Al-Dustour Center for Economic Studies, emanating from Al-Dustour newspaper, represents a source of studies and research through which information can be provided and exchanged with the association to serve the banking sector.

The agreement stipulates the cooperation of the two parties in exchanging information and numbers, using them to serve the banking sector, shed light on its role in the national economy and intensifying bilateral media cooperation.

The agreement was signed Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, ABJ Director General, and Ayman Al-Adinat, General Manager of Al-Dustour Newspaper for Economic Studies.

Dr. Al-Mahrouq praised the effort made by Al-Dastour Center and the studies it carries out which shed light on many economic indicators serving all economic sectors. He also expressed his certainty that the agreement will contribute to opening more prospects for cooperation in the field of studies, pointing out the importance of providing information based on research to decision-makers looking forward to joint cooperation through a programs and action plan.

In turn, Al-Dustour newspaper General Manager, Ayman Al-Adenat, appreciated ABJ great role in serving this large and important sector, pointing out that the Center, with its professional and efficient human energies, partnership with academic researchers and aspirations to development plans in the field of economic studies currently and social studies soon is able – in joint cooperation – with ABJ to provide research serving both parties and the national economy in general.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Fadi Mashrawi, Director of the Studies, Policies and Planning Department at ABJ and colleague Awni Al-Daoud, President of Al-Dastour Center for Economic Studies.

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