ABJ in cooperation with the Jordanian Judicial Council / General Secretariat organized a workshop on “The Legal and Regulatory Framework for the Oath before the Notary Public” on Thursday, May 6, via Zoom technology. The workshop aimed to clarify the legal and regulatory aspects of using the sworn testimony before the notary public and to indicate its importance and the advantages it provides in saving time and effort and shortening the duration of litigation.

The legal concept of sworn testimony refers to giving the litigants the right in lawsuits pending before the courts in the event that their evidence (witness testimony) to submit a written testimony from the witness/witnesses organized before the notary public that includes the details of the testimony, instead of the witness/witnesses attending to testify Before the court. This would expedite and simplify the litigation procedures given that this shortens the number of sessions that witnesses testify and the number of sessions that are postponed for non-attendance of witnesses in addition to shortening the time it takes to call witnesses and notify them.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, Director General of ABJ and attended by Judge Mr. Alaa Madanat, Director of the Communication and Media Unit at the General Secretariat of the Judicial Council, and Judge Ms. Dana Sagha, Head of the Institutional Development Department. A large number of managers and legal officials in the legal departments in banks participated in the workshop.

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