Amman – ABJ launched a campaign to give an anti-Coronavirus vaccine to workers in the banking sector, today, Tuesday, in line with aspirations towards a safe summer based on the association’s keenness to limit epidemic spread in society.

The Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, Basem Khalil Al-Salem, confirmed in a press statement today, that this campaign contributes to immunizing the Jordanian banking sector employees against the Corona virus as the sector deals with the public directly and in large numbers daily which provides protection for banks’ visitors and customers. This helps banks return to work with the full capacity of their employees whether in bank branches or in main departments.

He added that this campaign comes to support the Ministry of Health efforts and reduce its burdens by allocating a fully equipped vaccine at center the Association of Banks. Al-Salem praised the role of the National Center for Security and Crisis Management and the Ministry of Health for their cooperation in providing vaccinations and qualified staff at the Center.

ABJ Director-General, Dr. Maher Al-Mahrouq, said that campaign preparations began since last May with a series of intensive meetings held with the concerned parties in the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, the Ministry of Health and the Central Bank of Jordan.

He stated that ABJ contacted member banks to limit the employees numbers who did not receive the vaccine to prepare lists of the targeted employees names and set dates for the first dose over a period of three weeks starting from today, Tuesday, 1st June and ending on, Sunday, June 20. The second dose will be given immediately according to the same arrangements.

Employees numbers in the banking sector exceeds 21,000 male and female workers distributed across 23 banks with more than 927 branches spread throughout the Kingdom.

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