Committee’s mandate:

topics related to information technology, digitalization, cybersecurity and financial technology.

Names of the chairperson and members of the Information Technology, Digitization and Cyber Security Committee:

  1. The Housing Bank: Mr. Sahel Fayez Abdul Rahman Al-Bitar / Chairman of the Committee.
  2. The Arab Bank: Mr. Basil Fayez Abdel Nabi / Member.
  3. Bank al-Ittihad: Mr. Laith al-Faraj / Member.
  4. Bank of Jordan: Mr. Mousa Adi / Member.
  5. Capital Bank: Mr. Sohaib Momani /Member.
  6. The Egyptian Arab Land Bank: Mr. Mohamed Dokkan / Member.

Latest Release

Working Hours : Sunday-Thursday, 08:00am-3:30pm
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