Title: Chairman of the Board

Date of Birth: 19/06/1956

Date of Membership: 20/04/2010

Professional Experience:

Bassem Khalil Al-Salem was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors for Capital Bank Group since April 2011, which encompasses Capital Bank, National Bank of Iraq, and Capital Investments. He is also one of the founders of Capital Bank. In this role, Al-Salem has redirected Capital Bank’s attention toward a 21st century public, with particular emphasis on delivering innovative commercial and investment banking services to the Jordanian and Iraqi markets.

Al-Salem previously served as the Jordanian Minister of Labor and Minister of Finance consecutively (2005 – 2009). He is commended for introducing socioeconomic policies that have contributed toward the creation of jobs in both the public and private sectors, as well as attracting businesses and investments to Jordan, while helping homegrown businesses flourish.

In addition to his duties as chairman of the Capital Bank, Al-Salem is the chairman of Association of Banks in Jordan. He also currently sits on the board of several prominent private and publicly listed companies, including the General Mining Company and Royal Jordanian.

He has previously served as Chairman of King’s Academy, Executive Chairman of the Social Security Corporation (2005 – 2009), Board Member at the Central Bank of Jordan, as well as a member of the Jordanian Senate (2010 – 2011).

He started his career in Jordan’s private sector, where he founded several manufacturing companies.

Al-Salem holds a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in chemical engineering from Imperial College, United Kingdom.

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Working Hours : Sunday-Thursday, 08:00am-3:30pm
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