The Committee Name: The Green Finance Committee.

The Specialty of the Committee: Develop the Green Finance in the Banking Sector and to share the Green Finance knowledge and expertise among ABJ members.

The Name of the committee’s head and members.

  1. Jordan Kuwait Bank/ Mr. Fadi Khalil/ The head of the committee.
  2. Arab Bank/ Mr. Hatim Hejazi/ Member.
  3. Jordan Islamic Bank/ Mr. Adi Qanbar/ Member.
  4. Bank al Etihad/ Ms. Joud Dahdal/ Member.
  5. Capital Bank/ Mr. Wael Bayyari/ Member.
  6. Housing Bank for trade and finance/ Ms. Reema Al-Abli/ Member.
  7. Jordanian Commercial Bank/ Mr. Mohammed Abdul Salam/ Member.
  8. Arab Jordan Investment Bank: Mr. Firas Al-Mouqat/Member.
  9. BLOM Bank: Mr. Ahmed Qaisiya / Member.
  10. Jordan Ahli Bank: Mrs. Mary Noman/member.
  11. Mr. Mustafa Al-Salaymeh/Committee Advisor.
  12. Mr. Osama Jafar/Committee Advisor.

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