Committee’s mandate:

draft laws, legislation, instructions and regulations and any observations on the legislation in force.

Names of the chairperson and members of the Legal Committee:

  1. The Arab Bank: Mr. Haitham Al-Banna/ Chairman of the Committee.
  2. The Housing Bank: Mr. Wael Ismail Mahmoud Asfour / Member.
  3. Cairo Amman Bank: Mr. Musa Abdel-Khaleq Al-Masry / Mr. Andre Farah Khoury / Member.
  4. Jordan Kuwait Bank: Mr. Ibrahim Kasht / Member.
  5. Jordan Ahli Bank: Mr. Suleiman Al-Nabulsi / Member.
  6. Jordan Islamic Bank: Mr. Mahmoud Khalil Al-Suri / Member

Latest Release

Working Hours : Sunday-Thursday, 08:00am-3:30pm
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