The Association’s Organizational Structure

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It is the highest authority of the association; it is comprised of 26 members that represent all Jordanian and non-Jordanian banks operating in Jordan.
The general assembly is charged with drawing the ABJ's general policies, planning and following up on the programs and various activities of the association, and, finally, electing the Board of Directors.

It is mandated to administer and supervise the association's affairs. The board is comprised of nine members elected by the general assembly for three years. The Chairman of the Board is elected in his personal capacity as the Chairman of the Board and the General Assembly also. The Central Bank of Jordan is represented at the board as an observer. The current board members, elected on March 26, 2018, are:

  • Mr. Hani Al-Qadi, Arab Jordan Investment Bank , Chairman
  • Mr. Mohammad Musa, Ahli Bank , Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Nemeh Sabbagh, Arab Bank, Member
  • Mr. Ihab Saadi, The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, Member
  • Mr.Muntaser Dawwas, Invest bank, Member
  • Mr.Dr. Adnan AL Araj, Bloom Bank, Member
  • Mr. Kamal Al-Bakri,Cairo Amman Bank, Member
  • Mr. Musa Abdul-Aziz Shihadeh,Jordan Islamic Bank, Member
  • Miss Nour Jarrar, Citi bank, Member
  • H.E. Dr. Maher Al-Sheikh Hassan, the Central Bank of Jordan, Observer

General Administration Executive:

  • Dr.Adli kandah/ Director General
  • Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs: Mr. Bassem Adi
  • Studies Unit and publication: Mr. Fadi Masharawi
  • Information Systems department: Mr. Rami shahin.
  • Training Unit and Public Relations: Ms. Maram Al-Kayed

The Association of Banks in Jordan relies on its employees in addition to a number of permanent committees that are formed from the cadres of member banks. The Association is currently comprised of the following committees: