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Chairman of the Board of Directors Association

I am pleased to welcome you to the Association of Banks in Jordan’s website, which we hope will be up to your expectations, and furnish you with all the news, information and data you might need.

The pivotal role that the banking sector plays in rallying up savings and providing financial support to different economic sectors and segments made banks the most important source of economic development in Jordan, until the Jordanian banking sector became the backbone of the national economy.

Our approach in the Jordanian banking sector will always be, just as it was, based on transparency and openness to all economic sectors in the Kingdom under a clear national vision based on partnership with the public sector to achieve every good for our beloved country.

I would like to point out, in this regard, the special relationship between all banks working in Jordan and the Central Bank of Jordan, which exceeded the limits of compliance and commitment to reach the highest levels of fruitful and effective cooperation, common coordination and true partnership, the matter that boosted the robustness of banks working in Jordan and made the Jordanian banking sector on high levels of organization, wisdom and power so that it could endure all the big burdens laid upon it to serve the national economy.

We are very proud of our achievement in the banking sector, we are also very proud of the ABJ’s achievements as it is deemed the home for all banks, which worked hardly since its establishment in 1978 to take care of the interests of member banks and to coordinate between them to fulfill all the mutual interests, to develop banking services and to enhance all banking concepts and traditions.

Musa Abdelaziz Shihadeh 
                   Chairman Of Association of Banks in Jordan