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Taking care of the interests of member banks and coordination between them for their own good is one of the most important goals that the ABJ seeks to achieve, as it provides consultation services to member banks, investigates all common matters concerning the aspects of the banks’ work and seeks to find suitable solutions for problems or challenges that might face the progress of their work.

The ABJ, in cooperation with the Central Bank of Jordan, works to achieve the goals of monetary policies and the exchange of views regarding the different banking issues, in addition to giving proposals to develop the legislative environment of banking.

The ABJ promptly responds to all issues and subjects that it receives from member banks, so it holds a meeting or more to discuss such issues in the presence of representatives of all member banks, and then it combines views or converges them to reach a unified opinion that represents the views of all banks. After that, all relevant parties and entities will be addressed for follow-up.

The Association also discusses all specialized issues through its relevant committees which on its account study the issue and raise their reports to the administration for follow-up and implementation of recommendations.